Blackpink is a girls kpop group that include 4 hot members, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé. Rosé was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia. She went to the YG global aaudition in Australia and came 1st. Jisoo can't speak english but is a good Japanese speaker. She is very beautiful and underrated. Jennie is one of the rappers, she lived in New Zealand and went to Waikowhai intermidiate and ACG Parnell college. Lisa is another rapper and my absolute bias. She is the main dance and insanely skinny.

Click here to listen to their new albumn, SPQUARE UP.


BTS is the BEST kpop group which consists of 7 of the most beautiful men in the world. They have won the Billboard Music Award for top social artists for two years in a row. Their fandom is called ARMY. The ARMY will beat all the other fandoms. They are a bunch of aagressive, obsessive fans. RM aka Rap Monster is a rapper and the leader of the group. He speaks really good english and went to ACG Parnell College. Jin is the oldest member. Also known as "Worldwide handsome". Suga is a rapper and keeps a very neutral face twoards everything so ARMY really tresures the moments when he opens up and does loud things. He has a gummy smile and has a great sense of style. J-Hope is another rapper and is one of the lead dancers. When ever he hears a familiar song or melody he starts dancing immediatley. Jimin is a singer and a lead dancer. He had wanted to be singer since he was in middle school. He smiles all the time, especially at J-hope. V is a low singer. His charm is to go from the cutest bunny ever to the hottest guy ever(GIF included below) Jungkook is the youngest member and the main dancer. Although he went to a performing arts school he wanted to be a duck meat restraunt owner or a tattooist.